Our wonderful Blue Tees are the core team behind the Habbit Factory’s continued success. Headed up by Lee and Hannah, the Blue Tee’s are an extremely talented group who generously volunteer their time. The responsibilities of being a Blue Tee include:

  • Assisting the staff in the running of the weekly sessions
  • Taking lead of small groups of members to practice arts-based techniques
  • 1-to-1 support with members where required, and assisting with the learning of dances and music
  • Opportunity to create your own sessions for yourself or the staff to run

If you are interested in volunteering at any of our sessions then please fill out the {application form} and let us know why you think you would be a great fit as one of our Blue Tees!

Volunteer application form

Simply send the completed form to: hannahsalmon@thehabbitfactory.org