Frequently Asked

What do members wear to session?

All black or school uniform. There is also the HF Black T shirt that can be purchased from £10 dependent on size. Speak to a Blue Tee about this

I am a Parent/Carer of a member, Can I watch a session?

No. Due to safeguarding all parents are not permitted to watch.

My child has a SEN. Are they allowed to take part?

Yes. The Habbit Factory welcomes all. We have trained volunteers who work on a 1:1 basis with children who require help.

Can I just turn up to a session and start?

No. You must email and go through the sign-up process.

How do we pay?

You can either pay per week, month or term. Whatever suits you best. This is paid via cash or online transfer. Please email or text us to find our bank account details

I want to volunteer but can’t act sing or dance?

We have many other volunteers that do work outside of the sessions. Contact and she can assist you further